Caribana-Toronto 2008

Posted On: May 17, 2009

caribana2008Caribana 2008 in Toronto was quite an artistic cultural experience. I was privileged to attend the parade at Ontario Palace, SocaVivor at Water World and part of the closing concert on Centre Island on Sunday August 4th. I first noticed how well the events were organized; the city of Toronto seems to embrace diversity in its’ truest form unlike some of the experiences I’ve noticed living in New York. Caribbeanites from all corners of North America during Caribana festivities take timeout from their busy schedules to embrace their roots with song, dance, and costumes. What a way to unify the varying cultures that make up the Caribbean and embrace our differences and similarities. The city of Toronto was the perfect venue to host such an event. From its humble beginnings many years ago, Caribana has become one of those events apart from being the largest Caribbean North American annual festival, a place where Caribbeanites from all walks of life rejuvenate themselves and bask in all things Caribbean.