Chris Brown Pleads Guilty!

Posted On: June 25, 2009

Hey Guys, this is an article i read on Jamrock Magazines website……

On Monday June 22nd, R&B’s not so “pretty” boy Chris Brown, 20, pleaded guilty to felony assault against pop superstar Rihanna, 21. Tension filled the Los Angeles courtroom as Brown accepted the plea agreement which includes five years of supervised probation, six months of community service in his home state of Virginia, domestic-violence counseling, court restitution, and contribution to a domestic violence fund. “I want Mr. Brown to be treated as any other person of this type of charge,” Judge Patricia Schnegg said during the court hearing. The judge issued a stay-away order under which Brown is banned from all contact with Rihanna and vice versa until August 5th (Brown’s formal sentence date). According to her attorney, Donald Etra, Rihanna didn’t necessarily agree with the terms of the order. However, Etra refused to discuss the status of the pair’s relationship. Using a very soft tone of voice, Brown accepted all the terms and conditions of his plea. “I think it’s commendable that you took responsibility. I hope this will have some meaning for you.” stated Schnegg in response to Brown’s agreement. Among the witnesses of this highly anticipated moment were several of Brown’s family members, his famed celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, and of course, dozens of media outlets ready to capture it all.

That being said, do you guys think he got off easy because of his celebrity status? And if so what would’ve been a more reasonable punishment for the so called “crime”?….Post your comments! Speak your mind!