Review: Mink Night Club and Lounge Located on Jamaica Avenue Queens

Posted On: May 17, 2009

On Saturday 11/29/2008 a few of us decided to go to Mink Night Club and Lounge located at 187-30 Jamaica Avenue, Queens because Cuntney Superstar, D Hitman was on the ticket. It was our first time at Mink so we did not know what to expect. Our first impression at the door was ” Are these people Serious?” The securities at the door did not check for any identification and couple among us could have easily passed for under 19. So we were stamped us as easity as they would any 17 year old who might have the appearance of a 20 year old or a 17 year old -you get my drift.
Now to the Decor! Our first impression of the decor was simply this——the ceiling seemed to be going for the look of that of the Sistene Chapel painted by Michealangelo albiet with quadruple inset and getto fresco. What it actually looked like was a ceiling painted by Flava Falv with a mop in the middle of the day when he was high. The Gaigantic disco ball spinning in the middle of the clud did not help at all either-it was begining to take on the feel from that of a “Night at the Roxbury” staring Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell.
You know the movie where Chris and Will wore rayon suits, Speedo trunks, hair gel and cologne, frequent nightclubs where they bob their heads in unison to dance music (specifically Haddaway’s hit song “What Is Love”) and fail miserably at picking up women. The disco lights went around and around and around and never let up. It was just simple out of context.
The Club is divided into two sections, the lower (ground level) or upper level (Veranda level). This type of division in my view created a hairchey type appeal because it costed more money if you wanted to climb the dual stairs to the be at the top looking down. But who am I to say..some people appreciate the experience more so that way.
The stage where the D Hitman performed was no more that a 5 feet square that was simply a few pieces of 2 by 4 nailed together. Yes you guessed it—no more than 3 people could have stod on that thing comfortably at the same time. I am just wondering if the owners/designers forget about building a platform to accomodate performers? It looked that way because when the disco lights come on you just bopping away with no care in the world.
The performance by Hitman was great (in context) albiet it would have been better if he had a comfortable place to perform. Hitman even voiced this shortcoming prior to starting his show.
So why does Club Mink exist? There is already Club Tobago, Club Maracas, De River and a bunch more are already in Richmond Hill, Queens. It seems like the location was key. Clubbers from Jamaica, Hollis, Queens Village do not have to drive to Richmond Hill to Party, they can just do it right around the corner-no hassle. But what does club Mink offer that other clubs in the same genre offer-in short, nothing! absoulutely nothing!

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