Review: Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel Georgetown Guyana.

Posted On: May 17, 2009

le-meridian-150x150A few months ago I re-visited Guyana after leaving during the early 90s. I was advised by my friends in the U.S to stay at the Pegasus Hotel-now Le Meridian because it was safe so I decided to upon arriving in Guyana.
I stayed for 7 nights cost totaling USD 1050 ($150 per night). My stay was less than pleasant to say the least. The rooms at the le Meridian smell of moist mold at any given time of the day and for asthmatic like me who did not get an attack for the last 15years or so found me wheezing and sneezing constantly when the balcony door of my room was closed. The central air in the hotel seems to be in it last cycle of life since mold like smell, constant sneezing and all night wheezing subsided whenever I went outside. There were quite a few nights that I had to leave my room after 12 am and sit out in the yard to relieve my self from the itching red eyes and wheezing before going back to the room to get a few hrs of sleep.
Imagine this though….the first night of my stay after experiencing the said symptoms, I called the front desk and asked for some Advil, I was told that the hotel does not have any and there are no pharmacies open nor does the hotel have a micro mart etc .like any decent hotel should. That very moment, it seemed like I was trapped in a place without any escape. The next day, I loaded up on Advil for the following nights but to be honest…the mold and air was still quite overpowering. I managed however to stay for seven nights since my safety was not compromised in any way which was one of my primary concerns.
As to service, I will say that it is no different that any three star hotel. I would rate the service relative to the Comfort Suite/Holiday Inn. Nothng special… One funny thing did happen though, the manager for the kitchen and bar and whatever else was a pig. I invited my family who lived in Guyana for us to have lunch on the grounds of the hotel. We ordered food for a Chinese restaurant and brought it in. I was told by a manager that I cannot bring food into the hotel and eat it. So I proceeded in asking him for some extra plate after he said that. Oh, he got red and I started to laugh at that absurd rule that make no sense and one which I was not about to obey for any reason. After much nonsensical arguing, he brought out the fine china and we dined on the grounds of the forbidden Le Meridian. If I could have remembered the manager’s name, I would have sure passed it along.
Other than those two issues, all else was well. I did not feel compromised in anyway for my safety. At nights, the hotel locks up the front entrance and a guard keeps watch. The food at the hotel restaurant was less than par from what I ate.
If you decide to stay at the Le Meridian, make sure you order food from the outside and ask the kitchen for plates…I am sure Mr. Plate Sergeant will come running up to stop you.
Michael Shivnarine

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