Review: JAMROCK Magazine Vintage Festival 2008

Posted On: May 17, 2009

09Saturday, December 6th 2008, Jamrock Magazine hosted the Vintage Fest 2008 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. What a Show! Gregory Isaac, Cocoa Tea, Frankie Paul, U Roy, Brigadier Gerry, Nadine Sutterland, Sugar Minott, John Holt, Leroy Sibbles and Carlton Livingston graced the stage with the voices that were once the ambassadors of the emerging genre and to a great extent these voices have transcended time and have defined the foundation on which reggae stands. Today, Reggae has traveled, reaching all ends of the globe and I couldn’t help but think that artists such as the ones that performed had a defining part in that multi decade process.
To watch Gregory Isaac, Cocoa Tea and Sugar Minott brought back vivid memories as a young boy growing up in Jamaica Queens, just a few blocks from VP Records on Jamaica Ave where without fail I would peruse the famed record venue every Saturday morning for the release of anticipated hits from Cocoa, Gregory and Sugar.
The show was host by no other than David “Squeeze” Annakie who is the publisher of Jamrock Magazine which was lauched a couple of years ago. As always Squeeze did a get job. Jamrock however need to supervise the the movement of the audience into the Venue in a more orderly manner. As witnessed by our group, individuals who had no tickets and those that had for the most part stood stood in the same line to enter the venue. For those that had tickets in advance, their should have been a seperate line to enter the venue; this is just comonsense. I just wondered who actually had the responsibility of that part of the event planning process? Situations as such can cause fights between the concert goers and more likely between concert goers and the security guards present. To avoid such confrontations from happening in the future, Jamrock needs to organize the movment of people in a more organized fashion. Squeeze however, publically recognized the brewing problem and offered a large Formated Poster of the December 2008 cover of Jamrock Magazine featuring Barrack Obama to all audience members who had a ticket stub and calls into is radio show.

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