Review: Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston Jamaica.

Posted On: May 17, 2009

jamaica-pegasus-hotel-2-150x150The Pegasus Jamaica is one of those hotels that is frequently used by business travelers due to it’s central location in Kingston. I stayed during the periods on Feb 9th through Feb11th 2009. The cost per room $206USD per night excluding taxes and surcharge. My room was located on the 6th floor and upon first glance, it look quite decent and welcoming. A few minutes after the bellhop exited, i noticed that the telephone, toilet, lights in the bathroom, and safety chest was was not in working order. I made a formal complaint and it was attended to the following day upon my request.
Dining at the hotel is a compromise but a safe one if you chose to because the hotel is quite safe if you are unfamiliar with the Kingston area and local eateries. However, the Columbus restaurant located in the lobby of the hotel is just overpriced for the quality and taste that is being offered. I ate there one evening just couldn’t do it to myself again. The alternative is a cafe located adjecent to the Columbus restaurant that serves an array of dishes like goat curry and peas and rice for a premium price but it beats the alternative of dining at the Columbus restaurant or paying $25USD for a taxi from the hotel to a restaurant. If you are looking for a late meal, the hotel cafe serves cold deli sandwiches. If you are looking for a hot sandwich, it doesn’t exist since the deli does not have a toaster…go figure.
If you are looking for any sort of ambiance, you are not going to find it here. It is a hotel that has served it’s time and is just being maintained until. In reference to cost, for a night’s stay it is quite overpriced. If you need to use your laptop make sure you are able to go wireless since some floors are not equipped with wired ports. If you are a business traveler, this is the place for you since breakfast is werved complimentary daily. If you are coming to vacation in Jamaica and would like a hotel with night life and quality dining, you will not find it here.

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