King Solomon Shipping Company of Guyana is a HUGE RIP OFF

Posted On: May 17, 2009

I am writing to inform readers of this blog of the theft, major rip-offs, and poor customer service I received recently from the King Solomon Shipping Company. King Solomon produces a string of staff members who demonstrates general confusion and a lack of professionalism that appalled me.
Packages are often lost, misplaced, most items stolen and late deliveries. Our faith in the competence of King Solomon as a shipping company has dropped into the chasm. Hopefully, the company will reinforce correction so that no other customer will have to endure such poor treatment by staff members
Those misleading “money- hungry losers” care more about ripping of their customers with paying extra tax and duties, puncturing their boxes, steal their items for personal use and for sale and appearing with late deliveries and demanding payment saying that your party never paid the entire shipping fees only some. Tax and duty is charged on an assumption and not a fixed rate. You can never speak to the supervisor or a clerk because he/she is unavailable or would not pick up the phone. This attitude has become a norm at King Solomon in Guyana.
King Solomon Shipping in Guyana lies about their door to door service. Residents from Berbice often times have to travel all the way to Georgetown and pick up their packages. This is because their delivery vans go to Berbice once a week and usually have engine problems/breakdowns.
Employees at King Solomon do not notice if a package is lost or even bother to check and make sure that it gets delivered on time where they deliver. The customer service department is contracted out to people who don’t even work for King Solomon Shipping so they do not care about lost and packages and are totally rude. I am never going to use King Solomon Shipping Company again and they should be out of business for their constant misconduct. The reason you are hearing this is because I have an avenue to post my opinion. Many people that I know in Guyana have had similar experiences but do not have a way to tell about it, thus their horror stories never get heard.
My Recent experience with King Solomon Shipping on 3/20/2007.
I was told by the driver for the delivery truck that they are unsure about my package location. The next day I received a phone call from an unknown number stating that my package at the customs department at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri and I need my doctor’s prescription and 5000 GYD to pay for the duty since my package had medicines that much needed by my family member.
Later that evening I received an anonymous call saying that I have to go to the Head Office in Georgetown to meet the Supervisor in order to get the package. Since the delivery van was unavailable for the next two weeks and it was a case of emergency I had to go to Georgetown. My traveling expenses was 5000 GYD [25 USD] to get there.
-Arriving in Georgetown I get a call saying that the package was sent to New Amsterdam, Berbice and I have to get there immediately. So I hurried back, take the ferry and went to New Amsterdam to meet a stranger with no proof or identification and no longer request to see my prescription.
The box containing the medicines for my family member was ripped open; the individual plastics safeguarding the medicines was torn open, the punctured box that was roughly taped and more than ¾ medications missing. Those medications very expensive and limited in Guyana and was meant for a heart patient in the intensive care unit at Medical Arts Hospital in Georgetown.
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